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Blogspot is shit concerning color intensity

miercuri, 10 iunie 2009

copilărești la street delivery


12:00 Maţele încurcate
13:00 Castelul
14:00 Ţările
15:00 Lapte gros
16:00 1,2,3... la perete, stai!
17:00 Flori, fete şi băieţi, melodii sau cântăreţi
18:00 Leapşa
19:00 Telefonul american/fără fir
20:00 V-aţi ascunselea


12:00 Maţele încurcate
13:00 Raţele şi vînătorii
14:00 Statuile
15:00 Capra
16:00 1,2,3... la perete, stai!
17:00 Ţară, ţară, vrem ostaşi!
18:00 Lapte gros
19:00 Telefonul american/fără fir
20:00 Hoţii şi vardiştii


12:00 Maţele încurcate
13:00 Castelul
14:00 Leapşa
15:00 Flori, fete şi băieţi, melodii sau cântăreţi
16:00 1,2,3... la perete, stai!
17:00 Împărate luminate, cât e ceasul?
18:00 Omul negru
19:00 Telefonul american/fără fir
20:00 V-aţi ascunselea

duminică, 3 mai 2009

The forester

test3.mp3 - vntctrl

made with John Burton's ultra-organic software named "Forester" you can get it from his website

miercuri, 15 aprilie 2009


Emily died in this one. Oh Emily.

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Catalina had the idea of using patterns on animals. And Felix "bird" it up a bit.

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it's done


Yes, it's finally done. No time to do colors and other minor adjustments, as i was planning to, but since it's my first animation, we'll just leave it as that.
Aannd again, thank you Feellliixx.

luni, 26 ianuarie 2009


Since going to a festival is more stress than enjoyment, plus I never got any kind of special tingling inside from seeing a (favorite)band(artist, dj, you name it) performing live(not the fanatic type, bad karma, "it's not you it's me") we decided to do a random round chu chu train trip in our close western neighborhood.

YES. eurail/inter rail/something with "rail" in the end, couchsurfing, id, backpack, sleepingbag, phone, map, watch, two t-shirts, two pair of pants, one pair of sneakers, undies, socks, hygiene stuff, talc powder, positive thinking(from/for everyone), good vibes(from/for everyone), low budget, pocket camera.
NO. 500tons camera, ipod, laptop, wiers, geeky stuff, rush, fights, turist routine, hysteric shopping spree(?!), subway, time limit.
And yes, I am very excited.

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vineri, 23 ianuarie 2009

cyclic redundancy exam

Two clips for the drawing exam, remixed illustrations from my unfinished animation.

erm, sorry for the bad quality

joi, 22 ianuarie 2009

school time!

Too bad we had to do them black and white

luni, 12 ianuarie 2009

a teaser for my first animated sequel

Enjoy the teaser, I'll post the whole sequel when it's finished. There are still more than 600 illustrations to stitch. Hope I can get 1,7 minutes out of them. The plot it's quite random, it still needs more color and probably circular flying objects, not sure on that, but colors definitely.

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vineri, 26 decembrie 2008

and acidmarshmallows and the friendly guys from the police station and our beloved mates from the fire department. Shiva and Buddha also joined us for brunch.

joi, 25 decembrie 2008

A.C.A. de N.

are you ready to produce, sunlight?

miercuri, 24 decembrie 2008

joy in unicornland

it's for a noble cause